Rn Resume Samples


Cherie Brown was looking to get right into a Nurse Specialist program. She switched to College of Montana career counselor and resume author Cheryl Minnick for guidance regarding how to craft a resume that will make her an appealing candidate with this highly-competitive program. Cherie had several obstacles to beat and Minnick produced an approach to address all of them. Based on Minnick, it required her 4 years to acquire a two-year AS Nursing degree from the college. In that four-year time period, she continued to be unemployed - intentionally. Due to a learning disability, she required her time with simply an incomplete credit-load, with no job, to ensure that she'll stand out in her own academics. Her disability isn't something she wishes to make recognized to employing company directors or college admissions directions, as it doesn't affect her work performance.

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