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Sample Cover Letters I've spent many years recruitment professionals and I have received innumerable resumes. A lot of these resumes needed a cover letter or even a introductory email (that, if done correctly, is fundamentally a cover letter - do not let anybody tell you different). I also have received many resumes without one. Suffice to say, whenever an employer opens your resume using a transparent image of who you are and why you're sending your resume, then they are way more likely to really read your resume.

This usually means that you have to highlight your accomplishments and explain why you think you're qualified for your position. Employers typically get numerous resume entries for one place. Why can they even consider your resume without even understanding at least a little bit about your own experience and goals first? A cover letter functions as a screening procedure for prospective employers. Consider the times you've received email with a record inside with no personalized letter of excuse. It's both unprofessional and perplexing. Evidently, you're emphasizing your strengths, therefore by "honest" I do not mean that you need to express everything, both good and bad, which has occurred on your own career.

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